Saturday, May 26, 2012

Silver Cross Field, Joliet, Illinois

The stadium is named after the local hospital, and was built in 2002 to host the then Joliet Jackhammers. They have new owners and were renamed the Slammers last year.

The park is nice, it is your standard minor league park. A couple of dozen rows of stadium seats from the bases in. Lawn seats from the basrs to the outfield wall, then there is a little kiddie area out by the left field foul pole. Next to that is a little party deck and concession stand. After that is the scoreboard. You can not go around the whole stadium. In right field there is a little insert that comes out onto the field thats called the Bud beach. The wall in that area is maybe knee high.
There is a miracle baseball league field beyond the centerfield wall. Not far from the right field wall is Joliet Central High School.  The river front is like four blocks from the stadium.
There is a upper deck to the stadium with suites. The Joliet area sports hall of fame is on the street level of the stadium. The Slammers are named and have their logo like jail birds. Joliet State Penn is not far away. The park is right next to a railroad, so there are trains rolling past the third base side all game that you can watch.
On the side of a building in right field on the foul side of the line is a nice statue. It is of a bunch of guys up on a scaffold eating their lunch, up near the top of that building.
The grilled brat is decent but nothing special. The chicken and fries are not very good. Overall this is a nice park that I will be back to.
The night I went they were playing the Evansville Otters and the entertainment Myron Noodleman. Who has changed his act in over ten years.
Unfortunately on a nice Saturday night game in May there isnt more than 1000-1500 fans in the seats.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pohlman Field, Beloit, Wisconsin

What can I say that hasnt been said about this ballpark before, well here it goes. It is home to the Midwest Leagues, Beloit Snappers who are affiliated with the Minnesota Twins.

The park is in a community park area in a residental neighborhood. There is a hockey rink, a youth ball diamond and a skate park all in the area. There isnt anything to do directly near the ballpark, but on the road off the highway has just about every kind of restraunt known to mankind.
The park itself was built in 1982 for the then expansion Beloit Brewers of the Midwest League. It is a community owned team and is how baseball used to be. The park is steel and concrete. With metal stands throughout the place. The box seats are just metal bleachers with blue plastic seats over them.

The stadium itself is a throwback to 80s stadiums with a few little upgrades. It is among the only stadiums still around that the players walk through the crowd to get to the field. There is a seperate building that houses the administrative offices and the lockerooms.

The dugouts are rebuilt and there are fences in front of them. The field was upgraded about five or so years ago. Pohlmans centerfield fence is only 385 feet, which is smaller than a lot of other fields.

There is a beer deck out in both left and right field lines. The scoreboard is in left centerfield. The got a new scoreboard that works very well. The part that still doesnt work is the clock above the scoreboard. I dont remember thar ever worked. The fences have ads all around the outfield.