Saturday, December 21, 2013

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Got a new camera this week, testing it out taking pictures throughout the town of Lisle, Illinois

Saturday, November 23, 2013

SABR Meeting at the Irving Austin library

The SABR chapter of Chicago had a meeting at the Austin Irving library in Chicago.

Floyd Sullivan talked about the 1908 season from a viewpoint of besides baseball. Plus a view of how the Merkle game happen from different perspectives including what the umpire said after the game and in a two page letter to the league president.

Matthew Clifford talked about the major league with the worst luck. Sylvester Johnson. His career and about his life outside of the game.

Mark Fimoff. talks about the Cubs 1908 World Series photos and why they couldn't have been what they had originally captioned to be.

In the business part of the meeting. It was announced that the next meeting would be on January 25th 2014 at the Brat Stop in Kenosha. At the meeting we will also have a silent auction of signed books to benefit the chapter. The meeting will be a combined Chicago and Milwaukee chapter meeting.

The Chicago chapter is also looking for baseball books to be donated to the Chicago Public Library in Harwood Heights at our next meeting there next spring.

Floyd Sullivan

Matthew Clifford

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Illinois Wesleyan at Wheaton College

I really like the Wheaton College field. It is a work in progress, it is behind a American Legion building off campus. They put in bricks behind home plate and great brick dugouts. The field looks great, for a artifical turf field. I still don't like turf fields but they do a slendid job of upkeep. The weird thing is seeing the lip on the pitchers mound as high as it is. Oh well. The stands are just bleachers still and they only have port a johns and no concessions.

Like I said it is a work in progress. They are in the process of raising funds to put in bleachers, and press box and concessions. They need to add some more parking and maybe pave some more of the parking lot. It is hard to get a (friends) wheelchair around by home plate.Plus they could use a loud speaker as it is impossible to follow the game trying to keep score. There are no lineups and no loud speakers. The stat sheet is good, but I had a feeling that at least one of the numbers on the Wesleyan lineup in the second game was off.

It was a double header today between the Illinois Wesleyan Titans and the Wheaton College Thunder. The Titans won the first game 7-2. The Thunder start Michael Kauffman pitched very well. He got into the ninth, he was only touching the mid 80's and in the late innings was in the high 70's. Today he gave up his first earned runs on the season after more than 20 innings pitched. Wesleyan got to him in the eighth and ninth innings to build their lead.

The second game of the double header was a 13-12 win for the Titans. I left after the second inning as my friend got cold. The Titans starter Robert Romero got hammered in the first, giving up three runs. He threw a ton of curveballs.

I can't wait to see this park when it is finished. I probably will be back later in the year as it is really close to home.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Purdue at Illinois Chicago

First game of the year for me, it was forty degrees and windy. I love going to a UIC game just because of the view out centerfield is awesome with the city of Chicago's skyline. They put up a new videoboard this year, to take the place of their old generic scoreboard.

The game was moved back an hour till two because of the weather. I got to the area early, i found a deli that has been open since the forties that i wanted to check out. Manny's cafateria and deli on Jefferson street, about three blocks east of the campus.The atmosphere is that of an older time cafateria. Going through line and stuff like you are back in grade school. I got the corned beef on rye, the beef was dry and hard, and really didn't taste that good. The sandwich itself was huge, the bread wasn't nearly enough to hold the beef. The crust of the bread was really hard and I wasn't able to eat it. I also got a slice of applet pie. That was good, with healthy chuncks of apples. The sandwich, a water and pie came to almost 20 dollars.

Got to the stadium in plenty of time. The game was scheduled to go off at 1pm, but was held back to 2. It was 40 degrees out, thankfully I had the long underwear on, because it was freezing. Sat there and watched the warmups and infield practice. The place I swear had more Purdue fans than UIC fans. There were 135 people as the listed attendence. If that is the case then only about 200 can fit in the park. They are going to build a new park sometime soon with a huge donation from Yankee, Curtis Granderson.

The game was freezing cold, it was raining a little at the start of the game so I didn't keep score. I came home after wards and filled out a scorecard from the play by play online. Also realized that the scorebook I was going to use is way to small, so it is back to regular notebook paper for me.

The Boilermakers starter Jordan Minch was good, his fastball moved well. He would get hit hard in the sixth which would be his last inning. Before that he really wasn't hit that badly. He would give up two runs in the second. Minch retired 12 of the first 14 he faced. The start of the end would be in the fifth when he walked to after giving up a one out single. He then got an inning ending double play. In the sixth he gave up two, two run homers, getting only one out before being pulled. UIC got their other runs in the ninth, already down by a lot. They would get four runs on two errors.

The Flames starter Jack Andersen lasted all of an inning, he would get shelled in the second. Giving up seven runs, six earned. He would leave the game after a comebacker hit him square in the knee. In all the Boilermakers would get eight runs in the inning, plus tack on another one in the third. Purdue got single runs in the fourth and sixth. Their next big inning was a six run eighth.  In all the Purdue Boilermakers beat the Illinois Chicago Flames 17-10. Purdue first baseman Angelo Cianfraco really needs to learn to run out of the box, as he had a pair of doubles, that could've easliy been triples if he had hustled.

Flames reliever Ian Lewandowski showed a decent curveball for a few strikeouts. He missed up a few times though.