Saturday, September 15, 2012

Parkview Field

Parkview Field, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Game three and four of the Midwest League championship series. Well this park really hasnt changed that much since the last time i was here a few years ago. It is still the best park in the league. It still has the best food in the league.

The stadium itself is only a few years old and was a major upgrade to the old castle that they used to play in on the north side of town. This park is right downtown.

Well the Tin Caps have a great in game entertainment on the board. I really like D.J. Tincat, that was funny.  They have some great ideas for between inning stuff that is interactive but not on the field.

There scoreboards along the lines are a great touch, plus they are the only ones that i can remember having pitch speed on at this level. Now if only they could post pitch count it would be great.

There outfield grass was really blotchy tonight. You could see all the dark and bright spots on the grass.

The food i had was great. The foot long hot dog was grilled good, and tasted great.  The brat was small and a little burnt but tasted good. The bun was a little to big for it though. The hamburger tasted like a hockey puck. As it was hard and really didnt have much flavor. All were gottsn at the grill in centerfield